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The Brunson Elementary School PTA supports the students, families, teachers, and staff of Brunson Elementary School in Winston-Salem, NC. 

News and Activities

News and Activities

Community Meeting - Mon Feb 25 6pm

***IMPORTANT*** Please read the full message to understand why this meeting is so important to Brunson Families


Monday Feb 25 at 6pm
Brunson Gym

The school district would like to update the Brunson community on the current progress of the new building project and seek feedback on design and programing for the new school.

Childcare will be provided, along with some light snacks

***IMPORTANT*** Brunson needs to have strong turn out at the meeting on Monday Feb 25 to show our elected Board Members that the Brunson community is committed to making sure our students have a safe place to learn.

Brunson was guaranteed a new school building when Forsyth County voters passed the school bond referendum in 2016. Comments by school officials and others at previous meetings have led to concerns that the board might be willing to explore making adjustments to the bond that was already passed by voters which could put Brunson's building plans in danger of being cut.We need to send a clear message to the school board members that the Brunson community is paying attention and vocal about our need for a new building.

Keep reading for some tips on how we can have an effective community meeting.If you cannot make it to the meeting Monday night, send an email to our school board members to share your thoughts about Brunson. Emails listed at the end of the email.


Brunson is YOUR SCHOOL - ALL our families can feel comfortable sharing your ideas, questions and concerns at this meeting. This is the chance for Superintendent Emory and School Board members to hear your voice and others in or Brunson Family. Our goal is to hear from as many different families as possible. In order to do that, we encourage comments to be brief, so that others have a chance to speak.

Here are some thoughts we have put together regarding concerns that we would like to present to the Board. Feel free to share your own personal stories, or use our talking points to help you form your remarks.

~ Brunson families love their school community

~ As voters, we expect the 2016 Bond to be carried out as it was presented to voters.  Ample opportunity was given for School Board and community input in the creation of the bond referendum and that proposal passed in every voter precinct. Making edits three years later undermines that process.

 ~We acknowledge that there are many needs in our district, but there is no reason why ANY other project should be considered a higher priority than Brunson. The school district facilities manager publicly acknowledges that Brunson’s facility is in worse shape than any other in the district

~ Brunson serves a diverse group of students - residential students from multiple neighborhoods, ESL for students from multiple language backgrounds and geographical areas, a STEM magnet program, and the HAG. We serve homeless students in shelters downtown and refugee families.Brunson is among the most diverse elementary schools in the county and in the state, both racially and socioeconomically. Many studies show this level of diversity leads to greater student success. 

~ Brunson has not received classroom technology upgrades, Media Center furniture, and the 3D printer promised to each school in the 2016 school bond. These have been installed in most other schools in the district, but we were told we would not receive them before we have a new building.  That means that a child in kindergarten when the bond passed in 2016 will not receive any benefit from the school bond until spring of their fifth-grade year (2022) assuming the construction of the new building stays on schedule.  

~ A new Brunson was first proposed in 2006, and needed upgrades have not been done with the excuse that the current school is not worth investing in with a new school on the horizon. That was 13 years ago and that neglect has long term consequences (e.g., the company that made the fluorescent light fixtures installed in Brunson is no longer making replacement bulbs.  Had these fixtures been upgraded, like they were at other older elementary schools, we wouldn't be facing this issue.

~ We acknowledge and appreciate the work of the school system maintenance employees who do their best to improve the school within the guidance and resources that they are given.  However, Brunson families feel our school is not given the same attention and upkeep compared to other schools in the county. Our community sees this upkeep, not as a waste, but as a commitment and investment in current students. The facility they are in should not negatively impact their educational experience.


Board Member Emails

Andrea Bramer
Barbara Burke (Vice Chair)
Lida Calvert-Hayes
Dana Caudill Jones
Leah Crowley
Lori Goins Clark
Deanna Kaplan
Elisabeth Motsinger
Malishai Woodbury (Chair)

FEB 10-16

FEB 10-16

This challenge is for YOU - parents and caregivers! There are so many benefits to reading with your child, even as they become excellent readers, and we want to encourage our families to read together.

Track the reading you do with your child during the week of Feb. 10-16. Read to your child. Let your child read to you. .
At the end of the week, fill out the online form at
to report your reading times by Wed Feb 20.

Links to former newsletters:

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Save the Dates...

Curriculum night is an important time for you to find out what your children will be learning this year. This year Family Crew is partnering with the school to help make it a fun way to connect with other families as well as the school staff. The evening will include dinner for everyone. More details to come, but go ahead and mark your calendar...

Kindergarten and 1st grade - Sept. 20, 6:00-7:30

2nd and 3rd grades - Sept. 27, 6:00-7:30

4th and 5th grades - Oct. 4, 6:00-7:30


Link your Harris Teeter VIC card and Lowes Foods Rewards card to help Brunson earn money for PTA programs

There's still plenty of time to help Brunson earn money from Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods when you do your normal grocery shopping.  By linking your VIC and Rewards card to Brunson you help us receive a percentage of all of your purchases of store branded products.  Follow these instructions to easily link your cards:

1.  Click here to enter your VIC card information and we will get it linked to Brunson for you!

2.  Click here to go to the Lowes Foods Cart to Class website and enter your Rewards card number to link to Brunson.


Be Involved! Renew Your Volunteer Registration with WSFC School System for 2018-2019

We love our volunteers at Brunson and hope to have you join us this year in support of our wonderful school!  All volunteers must be registered with the WSFCS volunteer system and registration must be renewed each year.  Follow this link to register for the first time or renew your registration from last year.  Make sure that Brunson is listed as one of your schools so that you will show up on our list of cleared volunteers.  All volunteers are encouraged to get cleared as a Level 2 volunteer so that you can interact with students at school, chaperone field trips, and assist in the classroom.  Questions about volunteering at Brunson?  Email us at and we can help you with the registration process and suggest opportunities to help out at school.  

Manic Mondays

Please join us each Monday morning between drop-off (around 8:15) and 10:00 a.m. in the Brunson cafeteria. Brunson parents use this time to complete clerical tasks and special projects for teachers.  Even if you have only 30 minutes to spare, you can make a difference. This great social time with other parents gives you a chance to learn more about Brunson and give back to our terrific teachers.  This is an easy way to have a direct impact on the teachers and students at our school!