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The Brunson Elementary School PTA supports the students, families, teachers, and staff of Brunson Elementary School in Winston-Salem, NC. 


Support Brunson with Direct Donation!


What is Direct Donation?

The Brunson Elementary School PTA Direct Donation is an annual appeal for contributions to support your child and his or her learning environment.  100% of donations go directly toward funding key PTA projects. This is the PTA’s only fundraiser. We do not ask children or their parents to participate in door-to-door sales or other fundraising activities.

Why Should I Contribute?

One of the goals of the Brunson PTA and Family Crew is to create a positive relationship between home and school, with families, teachers, staff, and administration united to improve the lives of every child in our school. Your contribution of money, time, or resources directly supports that mission, strengthens our school community, and has a positive impact on ALL Brunson students.

How will the PTA use funds raised this year at Brunson Elementary School?

In addition to funding our yearly PTA budget, this year’s donations will be used to fund projects and activities in support of building and growing our school community.  Funds raised will support technology maintenance and upgrades, literary enhancements and book fair grants in the Media Center, Birthday Bash for all students, grants to reimburse teachers for classroom expenses, grounds improvements, and many other important activities that the PTA provides each year.  As part of our effort to grow community, the PTA will help fund current and new after school clubs and activities, support Family Crew activities and events throughout the year, increase parent engagement, and support Crew activities school wide and in the classroom.

Questions or want to make a recurring monthly donation?  Contact us at